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October 15, 2007
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P.O.V. Ambros

"Jess is going to be pissed," Aidan spits as the wolf grabs him around his waist and drags him towards the door.  I smirk, watching him gasp as the wolf jerks against his broken ribs, blood dribbling down the corner of his pale, cracked lips.

"And why is that?" I ask him, a small smile playing my lips as I gesture for the wolf to wait outside the closed door, realizing that Aidan is just trying to buy time by talking but continuing the conversation regardless.  I turn my attention back to his bleeding form, smirking at his pained expression.  It really is a wonder he's still talking, or awake for that matter.  I can only hope that the sun will weaken him enough to get the job done, seeing as how everything else I tried didn't do it.

"Because I've gone against my word and tortured you?" I ask, cocking my eyebrow and crossing my arms in front of my chest smugly.  He only stares at me, his black eyes full of hatred, pain, and disgust.  I decide to add betrayal to that list of emotions.

"He'll be pissed for at me for a while, but he'll get over it," I say nonchalantly, looking directly into his eyes.  "Especially when he realizes that it had to be done to weaken you enough that you'll actually die this time when he sticks the needle in."

"Fuck you," Aidan spits and I smirk.  "He won't forgive you when he finds out that I was going to permit you two to marry, that he didn't have to become a murderer you stupid, cock-sucking-"

"Well then, we're just going to have too keep quiet about that won't we?" I reply, cutting him off and signaling for the guard to take him outside.  

"Break his jaw so he can't talk," I order as I walk away, not wanting to be anywhere near the sunlight that's going to be spilling through the open door while the guard locks Aidan outside.  The demons informed me that the sunlight didn't burn him when he eluded their capture on the rooftop of a cathedral, but it did however weaken him considerably in a very short time so I've ordered the guard to watch and make sure he doesn't die before Jess gets here to finish him off.  If everything goes according to plan, Aidan will be dead before the moon rises.


P.O.V. Mel

If this angel thinks that I'm actually going to stay locked in this goddamn room while he goes off and kills Aidan, he's sadly mistaken.  The problem is that there's a werewolf standing guard just outside of this door so that way is blocked pretty damn well.  Jess' quarters are far too high off the ground for me to be able to jump down and the castle wall is to slick for climbing, so I'm better off trying to find a way to outsmart that seven-foot wolf.  Piece of cake, right?

"Right…" I mumble, rolling my eyes and flopping onto Jess' king sized, four-poster bed.  God this bed is comfortable, covered in a blanket of soft, white fur.  I wish I could just forget about this whole mess and just curl up and go to sleep.  I haven't slept in a real bed since the motel where Sparks and me fucked for the last time.  Where she died.  

Fuck sleep.  I've got to kill find a way out of here so I can save Aidan.  Sparks would have beat my ass were she alive and I didn't find a way to stop that boy from being killed.  Plus, now that I'm no longer subjected to hearing him rattling on about god knows what every day, I'm starting to miss the guy.  As sweet of a guy as Jess is, I'd kill him in a heartbeat to save Aidan, and I have a nagging feeling that that is exactly what I'm going to have to do.  

The problem is that Aidan is going to kick my ass if I kill Jess.  Hell, I probably won't make it two steps before he's decapitated me or ripped my spine out through my vagina or something.  But I'll figure that out when the time comes, for now I have to concentrate on getting the hell out of this here room I'm locked into, not to mention finding Jess and Aidan in this huge ass castle.  

"Yeah fucking right," I mutter under my breath, staring wearily at the setting sun and wishing I were something more powerful than a human.


P.O.V. Jess

I tap my foot impatiently as I knock repeatedly on the door to Ambros' quarters, placing one hand haughtily on my hip and glaring until he finally swings open the door, his expression annoyingly composed for this situation.

"Hey babe," he says, the corners of his lush lips lifting in an easy smile as he eyes me from head to foot.

"What the fuck did you do to Aidan?" I ask harshly, pushing through him and into the room.

"Well, I missed you too," he says, rolling his eyes and shutting the door behind me.

"You said you wouldn't hurt him, Ambros!" I yell and he frowns slightly, his eyes softening as he meets my gaze.

"I know I did, I'm sorry Jess, but he needs to be weakened if he is going to be killed.  He's been changed and it's made him too strong for angel's blood to do him much harm unless his body is too weak to fight it."

"He's been changed?" I ask, baffled.  Well that explains why he'd gotten so powerful in the past few days.

"Yes, so you see why I had to break my promise?" Ambros asks, his red eyes pleading for my understanding and forgiveness.

"I…yes, I guess I do," I say, offering him a small smile which he immediately returns, walking forward and pulling me into a tight embrace.

"Where is he now?" I ask, my voice muffled by Ambros' well-sculpted chest.  He's even taller than Aidan's five foot ten inches, which isn't really all that tall unless you're comparing it to my whopping height of five foot five…and a half.  Gotta give me some credit.  Well anyways, Ambros is six foot three or something and I'm practically being buried in his broad chest when he goes to hug me.  I barely even reach over his stomach.  He thinks it's adorable, I beg to differ.

"Please remember that I had to do this…" Ambros begs softly and I stiffen, pulling back and looking up at him.

"Where is he?" I repeat, staring directly into his glowing red orbs.

"Well, he's outside…" he says and I frown.  Outside?  So what if he's outside?  And then I remember that he's been changed.

"Ambros, where! Take me there  now!" I yell and he nods, turning and exciting the room with me close at his heels.  

"I left a guard there to keep watch and make sure the sun didn't kill him before you got there babe, don't worry about it," Ambros says and my eyes narrow.  He has no right to tell me what and what not to worry about when my husband, soon to be ex-husband, is being burned alive.  I love Ambros but this isn't right, he needs to learn to control himself.

"Just hurry up," I say, glad that the sun had already started setting when I was dropping Mel off in my quarters.  It had only been up for about fifteen minutes or so, but that was a long time for a vampire.  Ambros nods, speeding up his pace until we are nearly running.  

I just want to get this over with, I think as Ambros pushed open a door and halts so abruptly I nearly crash into his large form.

"Is he still alive?" Ambros asks the large werewolf standing guard of the enormous oak door that leads outside.  The guard nods curtly and Ambros turns to me, reaching into the pocket of his leather jacket and pulling out a syringe loaded with a pearly-red substance I know is angels' blood.  

"Here," he says softly, tapping it before placing it gently into my shaking hand and curling my weak fingers around it's cold length, careful that I am not accidentally pricked by it.

"It'll be okay, Jess," he whispers softly, pulling me close and pressing a gentle kiss to my forehead before nodding to the guard and backing away from the door.  The guard throws back the large bolt and swings open the door, and I'm glad to see that night has fallen once more.  

"Has the sun fully set?" I hear Ambros question from behind me but I don't answer.  My eyes have fallen to where Aidan lays, broken and pale, his black pants torn and blood covering his torso where they have whipped him until his flesh sliced straight to the bone.  

"Jess, do you want me to come with you?" I hear Ambros ask and I don't bother to answer.  I just fumble behind me and until I find the door handle, pulling it shut, my eyes never leaving Aidan's still form.

"Aidan?" I whisper, my voice hallow and weak.  I cross the twenty feet that separate us and drop to my knees, tentatively smoothing my hand through his hair and wincing when I realize that they have broken his jaw.  It's not horribly disfigured, but I've been alive long enough to recognize when a bone or two has been expertly snapped, leaving someone mute and in pain.  

Why?, I wonder, watching the irregular and shallow rising of his chest.

"Aidan, can you hear me?" I ask, tears filling my eyes when he doesn't answer or open his eyes.  I at least wanted to say goodbye, but maybe it's better this way.

I wrap my fingers around his forearm, wincing when I feel the broken bone beneath my fingers and turning it as gently as possible until I can see the tender underside where the veins are more prominent.  

I frown as I see a new Mark engraved onto his wrist, a triangle with a 'J' inscribed in its center.  

"Is J that vampire you've been fucking?" I ask softly, wondering with a pang of jealousy if they are in love.  

I slide off my belt and tighten it around Aidan's arm, using it as a tourniquet and flicking his veins before sliding in the syringe, forcing myself to watch as the last drop of poison blood is forced into his bloodstream.

I close my eyes and feel a tear free itself from my closed lids, escaping from the monster I've become.  I just killed someone.  No, not someone, I killed Aidan.  

"I'm so sorry…" I whimper, tears pouring freely down my cheeks as I lay across his still body, careful of his broken ribs.  I close my eyes and listen to his irregular heartbeat, pumping the poison through his body, oblivious to the fact that it isn't normal blood.

I take his hand gently into my own, rubbing his fingers lightly and wondering if he can feel my touch.  I hope this doesn't take too long, I don't want him to suffer, but if he lived through the sunlight without so much as a burn I fear the worst.  I frown when I feel a fiery warmth under our linked wrists.  I lift my head from the crook of his neck so I can see where the Mark is glowing faintly, looking like molten lava as it burns in stark contrast to his pale skin.  

I frown and look at him, my lips parting slightly and my breath catching in my throat.  I bite my lip and look at the door that I know Ambros stands behind, knowing that he would want to know if Aidan is connected to anyone, even if it isn't the same intimate bond that he and I share.  

I narrow my eyes and lay my head back onto Aidan's chest, not wanting to tell Ambros and cause another creature to lose his life for us.  Aidan hadn't deserved this fate, but this vampire of his shouldn't have ever been dragged into it in the first place.  No, I'll wait and see if the vampire gives up, knowing that it was too late and that Aidan is dead whether or not he comes.  At least this way I tried to prevent his death, I don't want any more blood on my hands.  I've already spilt too much.
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