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November 28, 2007
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P.O.V. Mel

"Fuck!" I shriek, frustrated to the point of almost literally ripping out my hair.  The only thing that is stopping me from tugging just a bit harder is how Aidan would react to me waltzing around with clumps of hair missing from my head.  He'd wind up calling me Patchy or something; I'd lose all credibility.  Then again, he's the reason that my hair would go M.I.A. in the first place.  I am, after all, searching for a way to rescue that oaf from his own husband.  That's pretty sad now that I've stopped to think about it, rescuing someone from the person they love.  I'd almost pity the angel were he not such an arrogant asshole.  I mean seriously, if Sparks had cheated on me as often as he did Jess, I probably would be out to poison her too.  Actually, I honestly am starting to wish I'd taken Jess' side in this whole thing in the first place.  I know for a fact that I would have if I'd met him first, and not just because I'd met him first, I actually think he's right, even if killing Aidan is a bit drastic…

But back to reality, there is literally no way for me to escape from this room!  I'm even past caring about the wolf standing guard outside the door, all my focus has turned to just opening said door.  The wood it appears to be built out of is a façade, this shit is strong as pure titanium or diamonds or something.  In other words, it's really fucking strong!  There is no hope of me getting through there, and the window is even less of an option.  I guess the only hope I have left of escape would be if some creature that could handle a drop like that randomly pounced into the room and decided that it was on our side in this whole drama that is Aidan's life.  But what are the chances of that actually happening?

Apparently a bit higher than I'd thought.

"Ow fuck!" I shriek, wrestling myself from the ball of black that just hurtled into me through the open window.  "What the fuck is your pro- Justin?" I say, recognizing the puff of matted blue hair and knowing it's him before I even get a good look at his face.  I don't know why I'm so astonished to see him again, I mean he was bound to turn up at some point, but I guess I'd just figured that he'd decided that none of this was his problem once we'd all separated.  I suppose I should have realized that his infatuation with Aidan was a bit deeper than that, the poor guy.  Aidan's a lost cause, his heart is stuck on that little angel that may or may not be murdering him at this very moment, to him Justin's just another worthless fuck.  A worthless fuck who's risking his own life to save his, nice repayment Aidan.

"Jesus fucking Christ you pack a good punch," he mumbles, rubbing his shoulder and blundering to his feet.

"Well what the hell did you expect?  What would you do if someone pelted straight into you through a window?" I say, somewhat defensively.  Well shit, that was really unexpected!  Granted I had just been idolizing about it but seriously, this isn't exactly one of your everyday coincidences.  This is irony at its peak!

"I'd like to think that I'd take a look at them before beating them into an unrecognizable pulp, but that's just me," he states in an almost bored voice, plowing on before I have a chance to respond, "Now do you happen to know what's going on with Aidan?  I felt you in here and figured I'd come find out if you knew anything before doing anything drastic."

"I have no idea past that Jess left hours ago to kill him, how the hell do you plan on finding him?  There's guards everywhere and this place is enormous!"

Justin holds up his wrist and pulls back the sleeve to his leather jacket enough to reveal the detailed insignia that I assume to be Aidan's mark.  It's glowing a faint red against his skin, something I've never seen happen to mine.  I hope that doesn’t mean that Aidan's dead, it's most likely warning that he's in grave danger, still not a very welcome option but better than nothing I guess.

"Can you tell how he's doing through that?  Is he still even alive?" I ask, wondering why my own mark never glowed when alerting Justin of our danger back at that hotel.  
Sparks hadn't either that I saw, so it can't just be because of Aidan's weakness.  Maybe our marks did glow and I just didn't notice, or maybe it has something to do with us being human.  Doesn't really matter I guess, I'm just glad Justin's here.

"Yeah he's alive, but barely.  Past that I have no idea, we should get going though," he advised, motioning me over to him as he stepped to the window.  I'm so glad I'm not afraid of heights, just looking down at the ground below is making my head spin.  Did Justin really jump up here?

"Just hold on," he warns, wrapping his arm securely around my waist and flashing his blue eyes up to me to make sure I'm ready.  This would be so much better if he was a girl, god that would be such a turn on.  Jesus did I seriously just think that?  Aidan is somewhere in this castle struggling for his life and all that I can think about is tits.  Somehow I know he would be proud, once he got past the fact that he finds girls to be disgusting that is.  I'll have to tell him about this later, he'll have a good laugh.  Assuming we'll get out of this mess alive, that is.


P.O.V.  Jess

"Did it work?"

I jump at the unexpected voice from behind me, pulling my hand guiltily from Aidan's and sitting up.  I hadn't heard Ambros come out, why did he always have to be so sneaky?  It was obnoxious, especially at moments like these.  I'd just murdered my husband of centuries for god's sakes, couldn't he leave me be for ten minutes?

"He's still got a pulse, but its faint," I say, not bothering to mask the irritation in my voice.  I've never been one to hide my feelings, which is probably why Aidan and me managed to last as long as we did.  Anyone more subdued wouldn't have been able to stand the prick for more than a month, hell that's being generous, they'd have slit their wrists on the way to the honeymoon.

"I know this is hard on you babe," Ambros soothes in the most annoyingly calm voice possible, "would you like for me to leave you alone?  I just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong."

God damnit, I can't be mad at him now.  Why does he have to word things so sweet, I hate that shit.  I am a sucker for sweethearts.  I stare down at Aidan, his eyebrows creased even in the bowels of unconsciousness, god he's a jackass even in sleep, far from a sweetheart…

How did we ever come to be?  You really aren't my type…

I sigh, making a point of my discontentment before completely contradicting myself.  "No, it's fine, you can stay here.  I was just-"

I'm cut off my a muffled groan and mine and Ambros' eyes both turn to the bloodied figure in my arms.  

"Please tell me that wasn't him?  How the hell is he still alive!" Ambros says in what I have to describe as the whiniest voice I have ever heard.  God he can be such a bitch sometimes.  

"How am I supposed to know!" I shoot back, sliding my fingers through Aidan's hair in a desperate attempt to sooth him.  He keeps whimpering, god I hate that shit, he never whines, bitches maybe, but never when he's actually in pain.  He just likes to piss people off and going on about how tight his pants are against his balls is for hours on end has proven to be a rather successful way of doing that.  Trust me, I know from experience, the fucker doesn't shut up.  Right now though he actually sounds wounded, it's breaking my fucking heart.

"You're still in love with him!" Ambros accuses suddenly, and I kid you not I actually jump.  I really hadn't expected that one.

"What are you talking about Ambros?" I yell back, wincing as Aidan lets out another small groan when my hand grips violently into his hair as a knee-jerk reaction to my outburst.  I narrow my eyes at his unconscious form as I untangle my fingers from his silky locks.  Aidan's such a moron.  I know that moan, he actually managed to get himself turned on by my pulling his hair, and mind you he's unconscious right now.  What a stupid, horny little slut. I should just take pity on the poor guy and chop off his dick.  Sounds harsh, I know, but that thing gets him into the biggest trouble! Hell, he'd still be in heaven if it weren't for his unrelenting sex drive.  I swear it's going to get him killed someday.  Parents, warn your children, sex kills.

"Look at you!  You're pissed at him!  You're not killing him for us at all," he spits, even adding in the little finger quote things as emphasis when he says 'us'.  "You're doing it for revenge because your mad that he didn't keep his dick in his pants, aren't you?  Aren't you!" he screams, thrusting his finger at me accusingly.

"I…I-" I stutter, confused out of my mind.  I didn't say that thing about Aidan needing to keep his cock in his pants out loud did I?  No I didn't, but how ironic is that?  Me thinking that his cock is going to get him killed someday just before Ambros accuses me of trying to murder him for cheating on me.  I'd laugh, but I have a feeling that would be in bad taste at the moment, with my husband dying in my arms as my lover yells at me for still being in love with said dying guy.  Jesus, this is a mess.  

"You what, Jess?" Ambros asks quietly, his resonant voice cold as ice.  The look he's giving me isn't much better, as cold as his voice may be, he could easily melt it with that glare.  God I hate this, I just want it to be over, I've never been good at these things, arguments I mean.  Well more like accusations, I'll bitch all I want but turn the spotlight on me and I freeze, I start stuttering like a nerdy dyslexic kid trying to read Shakespeare to a classroom full of jocks. It isn't pretty.

"I-um.  I-I just…" …See what I mean?  And imagining Ambros in his underwear will do nothing to help either, I'd just get turned on and stutter even more.  I wish we could just skip to the make-up sex, too bad it doesn't work that way.  Well to be completely honest, it did work with Aidan sometimes. He'd be all pissed and I'd just grab hold of his cock and the next thing you'd know I'd be pregnant and he'd be struggling to convince me to name our son Jesus so we could throw the little sucker down to Earth and spread gossip about him being the reincarnation of Christ.  Okay, maybe not, but you get my point.

"Jess," Ambros says sternly and I struggle not to clench my teeth, he sounds like an impatient parent chiding his child, god I hate when he does this.  I'm not fucking four!  And I can't very well say that because well, then I'd sound four wouldn't I?  God damnit!  Oh, and here it comes, this should be good.  "You really need to get your priorities straight here, are you going to choose this guy," he asks, gesturing to Aidan with a disgusted look on his face, "the angel that cheated on you more times that you can count?  Or are you going to choose me and save a world from literally collapsing on itself and all who live in it?"

Wow, if that wasn't a guilt trip I don't know what is.  And were an entire world not at stake here, the answer to his question would have been made completely obvious as I tend to retaliate against ultimatums with full force, but there is an entire world on the line.  I guess his little guilt trip worked after all.  

"Well?" Ambros says after a while, and I realize that I've been glaring straight into his crimson eyes for the past god knows how long.  Good, I hope it showed him how pissed I am at the moment, but then again I don't really have any right to be pissed now do I?  God I'd nearly forgotten about Aidan, now there's a guy who has a right to be pissed.  If he lives through this my ass better make like Lucifer after God threw him out of Heaven and run, and trust me, he ran fast.  It was so great to watch, like a car chase only with magic and shit.  Wow, I really need to stop making comparisons to God, I sound like a little suck up bitch running to my daddy.

"Well what?" I say in the coldest voice I can muster.  Yeah, good one, I bet Ambros is shaking in his shoes after such a forceful glare coming from me, all five feet of me.  Well, lets look on the bright side, at least I'm not stuttering anymore.

"You know what Je-…what the hell is that?" Ambros asks, and I follow his line of vision down to Aidan's wrist where the J still burns a fiery orange.

"What the hell is what?" I ask innocently, just to buy some time.  I know I should probably just tell him about the Mark, but right now I'm rather pissed at him so I'll just go ahead and continue to be immature for a bit.  Plus, it's kind of fun plastering this clueless look on my face, especially since I know how big and innocent my eyes can get, the poor guy is going to feel like he's yelling at a beaten puppy.

"Jess stop fucking playing dumb."  Damn, he got me.  I open my mouth to retort but freeze as something catches the corner of my eye.  A little blob falling out of the window of the castle not too far from here, and thanks to my amazing eyesight, I can tell that it's two figures.  So that must be the mysterious 'J', but who the hell is the other one?  

"What are you talking about Ambros, stop being such an ass," I reply quickly, putting on a mask of hurt that could break anyone's heart, even Aidan's.  And as of right now, I've decided that maybe I should just get to know this little vampire of his, let him and Ambros work shit out for a while.  I know I'm being a little bitch, but I'm really annoyed and nobody ever said I was sensible, well not that I know of anyways, and if they did they're a complete moron.  "Just because you aren't getting your way doesn't give you the right to cut down on me okay?"

"What the fuck are you talking about Jess, my God are you even listening to what I'm saying?"

"Are you listening to what I'm saying?" There's an art to this, all that I have to do is repeat everything he says for as long as possible, but the problem is that I'm not sure how much longer is will be possible for.  I chance another glance in the direction of 'J' but I don't see him anywhere.  I hope they are getting close, I don't have a scent of anyone but he probably knows how to cover himself up.  Either way, I hope he hurries, Aidan isn't going to last much longer and I'm wanting him to live more and more every second that ticks by, though I have to admit that he deserves better than me.

I'm not trying to sound like a bitch or anything, or to get anyone to pity me, I mean think about it, I just tried to kill him again.  One time can be blamed on impulse at best, but to try a second time is just sick.  Especially since I'm changing my mind now and deciding that I miss him.  Yeah, I'll admit it, not that it wasn't already made obvious, but I miss the guy more than anything in the universe.  He's a lying jerk but think about it, I've known him for hundreds of years, been closer to him than anyone else, and when you live for as long as we do you get pretty scared of change.  And things changed for us, we separated for forever, and I got used to him not being there, but now that he's back in my arms it just feels normal again, it just feels right.  Plus, he's the most lovable lying jerk in the world.  

I don't want him to die.  Even if it means that I have to give him up to this 'J' guy, Aidan has to live, I don't know what I'd do if he didn't.  I just wish that I'd realized it sooner.
God DAMN Jess has major ADD...Its so amusing to write his thought process, gets kinda annoying though haha, I keep forgetting whats going on in the story just cus I start going off on what he's thinking. =P

HEY KIDS this shit is 42,898 words so far!! YAAAY I'm hella excited... =]

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