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September 12, 2007
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P.O.V. Sparks

As Mel and I are walking over, I’m busy trying to come up with creative comebacks to the shit Aidan is sure as hell going to be slinging at me about bitching out on the fight.  Not that I really bitched out, I more of zoned out, but still he’s going to see it however he wants to and I’m going to be stuck on the receiving end.  

Since my mind was currently occupied on creating lame as comebacks I didn’t notice the sudden recognition between Aidan and Justin.  I also didn’t notice how quickly that recognition was followed by a pure blast of animosity.  In fact, I didn’t notice any of this until I realized that the two were literally at each other’s throats and that Mel was cracking up beside me.

“Fuck you; you’re no better than a lousy fucking demon!” Justin spat at Aidan as they circled each other, Aidan still wielding his axe.  Somehow Justin had gotten a hold of the shield and was holding it in front of him to catch the crushing blows Aidan was swinging at his face every so often.  

“What the fuck is this?” I scream; my search for lame ass comebacks completely forgotten.  The vampire and the angel ignore me so I have no choice but to search their minds.  Justin’s was blocked but…

“Aidan you tortured him?” I said and the angel smirked.  Justin growled, his black eyes locked on Aidan’s, which were now glowing red with hatred.  And here I thought they were going to get along so well.

“Aidan put down the fucking axe would you,” I reasoned, I mean come on, the vampire had just saved his little neck and here he was bludgeoning him with an axe.  You’d think an angel would have known better manners.

“No, I won’t.  Why the fuck did you lead him here?  We can’t let him go, he knows too much, we have to tie him up,” Aidan said, and I did see his point, though I didn’t really like his true reasoning.  I can hear his thoughts after all; he’d really enjoyed torturing the vampire.  He wanted more.  

God no wonder he’d fallen, and to think he tries to blame it on being gay.  The kids just kinky, that’s all there is to it.

“What exactly were you doing in hell?” I ask Justin, more to put off the inevitable fight than anything else.  The two were shooting bullets at each other with their eyes.

“I was young and stupid and made a deal with the wrong demon,” the vampire replied, his eyes never leaving Aidan’s.

“Oh,” I said, what could I say?

“Lucky for me,” Aidan said and Justin lunged.  Jesus that must be some grudge, then again from what I got from Aidan’s mind, he’d tortured the guy pretty bad.  I’m not even going to bother mentioning what else went on between them.  Pretty much it’ll all add up to again to Aidan being a kinky bastard, though Justin hadn’t seemed too horrified with it all, then again Aidan almost had me, a full fledged dyke, drooling all over him so yeah.  I guess not too many people would object to his kinky-bastardness.

Justin wasn’t in the mood for it at the moment though apparently, since they seemed to be fighting to the death.  To Justin’s credit, he got a few pretty good blows in, but the angel was just to fucking amazing of a fighter.  Within minutes Justin was bound with a length of rope found in a nearby dumpster (I had had to object to Aidan’s attempt to use barbed wire).  Aidan had even gone so far as to use a dog chain he found, you know the kind people use to train puppies that tightens when you tug on it, to put around his neck and drag him everywhere with us.  Those dumpsters had everything.

Justin was pissed, to say the least, and I wasn’t too happy myself.  There wasn’t much room for argument though, we really couldn’t afford for the vampire to go around telling people what we were up to, even if we didn’t know what we were up to ourselves.  

And that’s how our little group; a mind-caster, a healer, an enormous portal reader guy, an angel, and our vampire hostage wound up sitting in an abandoned building in a world parallel to our own, trying to make a plan for something we had no idea about.  Sounds fun doesn’t it?


P.O.V. Justin

I can’t believe my luck.  I’m honestly trying to help this Sparks kid and what does she do?  She lets some angel tie me up like I’m a fucking dog.  And the worst part is that this angel tortured me for years.  Years.  He didn’t once stop and think; Hey, maybe this guy didn’t do anything to deserve this.  Maybe I should find out why he’s even down here.  Nope, not Aidan, as I finally know is his name.  

Aidan gives a hard tug on the leash and I choke.  Fuck, can’t he at least lay off a little?  He keeps doing the smallest things to make sure that I’m in a constant state of discomfort, looking back at me with his eyes going all black like they do when he’s horny.  And god save me (yeah right), I’m turned on by it.  Not all the torture he put me through was exactly bad…I mean I screamed for him to stop because it honestly hurt like hell but Jesus, I still wake up in a sweat with a raging hard on imagining some of the things he did to me.  

He looks back at me now when I stumble, pulling hard on the leash and giving a small little smirk when I choke again.  No smirk has the right to be that sexy, it shouldn’t be legal.

I don’t see why we had to move from the abandoned building in the first place.  As soon as Tiny said a portal was opening above us they all said we should move.  I have no idea what the fuck is going on!  This is getting so annoying, I mean I could understand them chaining me up if I knew anything about what they were doing but all I know is that they are from the other world and they are looking to keep us (meaning us otherworlders) out of it.  

Okay, I’ll admit that I could cause a bit of a problem for them with that information floating around in my head, but I wouldn’t.  Actually I might, I really don’t want to be here when our world does whatever our world is doing.  I’m pretty sure that the condition its in now can only lead to its destruction, and things are worsening fast.  And of course, just as I think that, the sun decides to spite me and burn its path upwards much much faster than normal.  In ten seconds it will be straight above us.  

I scream.  Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck it burns.  I can’t put into words how badly this hurts.  It’s worse than Aidan’s torture, and that’s saying a lot.  I’m going to die.  

And then it ends.  I open my eyes and Aidan is on top of me.  Something black is shielding us from the burning rays.  His wings, Jesus Christ Aidan for once you earned your title as an angel.  

Fuck I wish he’d gotten there sooner though.  Those few seconds blackened me to charcoal.  I’m choking on the smell of my own charred flesh.  I can feel it peeling from my body.  It hurts so badly, though I have a feeling that was a given.

“Can you heal?” Aidan asks me. I shake my head no and can hear, not to mention feel, the skin of my neck and head crackling.

Is this really happening?  Good god I’ve been their captive for what, all of four hours, and I’ve already been burned half to death and had to fight off some feeders and a zombie.  Feeders are the little inbred creatures while the zombie was the dead-looking guy I had to save Tiny from.  

Let me explain feeders:  They originated from the regular everyday animals from the other world but were sent here and made able to breed between species to make for faster reproduction.  They were sent here for the soul purpose of becoming dinner to every other species on the food chain, hence the name.  Also, they are pretty hard to kill unless you are a vampire.  We have venom in our fangs that, once it hits their bloodstream, paralyzes and eventually kills them.  If you don’t happen to be a vampire then the only way to successfully slaughter them is through decapitation, as Aidan demonstrated earlier.

The zombies are the living dead.  If a human is bitten by one, they become one.  Luckily the zombie can’t reproduce other than through biting humans and since no humans were sent into this world, and since other species aren’t susceptible to their venom, the zombie’s are nearly extinct.  They are however, immortal, though that word must always be held lightly.  All creatures can experience death, immortal means that the creature will not die of natural causes.  

While I’m at it I might as well explain werewolves, vampires, and demons.  Demons are spirits that vary in different powers so I really can’t explain those too well, but I think that gives you an idea.  They are immortal.  FYI: Don’t fuck with them.  

Werewolves are men and woman that can change shape into either a wolf or a human, most of the time at will, though when the moon is full they are forced into their wolf form whether they like it or not.  Their base shape is naturally a human but many choose to remain a wolf most of the time, if not all of the time.  They have keen senses of touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight.  They eat flesh when in their wolf form, but only the flesh of the living.  Zombies and vampires would make them sick.  They are immortal as well.

Vampires are bloodsuckers.  Sunlight kills us and we drink blood to stay alive.  Much like wolves, we can only dine on the living and we do so once every few days, though we can feed less as we age and new vampires need to feed at least once a day.  The stake through the heart thing is an unfortunate truth, though the garlic and coffin things are myths.  As has been demonstrated earlier, we can feel emotions, but we cannot hear thoughts, and we can jump extremely far, though we cannot fly.  We also have extremely acute senses.  We are immortal.

Okay, now that I’ve explained all of the species I’m going to get back to me laying under Aidan’s beautiful body with his wings shielding me from the light.  If this didn’t hurt so badly, I’d be in heaven.

“I need blood,” I rasp.  Aidan just glares and me and shrivels his nose.  

“There is no way I am going to trust you with my life,” he says snottily.

“Please, I won’t hurt you, plus you could gain access to anything you wanted while I drink from you.”  This is a lie, but I’m in desperate need of blood and Aidan is a greedy motherfucker.  I’m not going to get shit if he doesn’t get something in return.

“Won’t you be able to hear my thoughts too then?” Aidan asks and I nod painfully.  This on is the truth, well mainly the truth.  I can’t hear his thoughts exactly, but I can sift through his memories.  It’s an amazing experience, you should try it sometime.

Aidan eyes me carefully.

“If you try anything stupid I’ll fucking kill you,” he says, and I’m careful not to shudder.

“I won’t,” I say, knowing that my face, or what is left of it, remains carefully innocent.

Aidan shifts his weight onto one arm and places his wrist into my mouth.  I bite and sweet blood flows into my throat.  God I’ve never tasted blood so rich, and his memories are extremely vivid as they flood into me…

I feel him stiffen but I let some of my venom flow into him, just enough to paralyze him so he can’t scream or get away, not enough to kill him.  I make sure to send pain too, loads of it.  I could numb him and send him into utter bliss if I wanted, but this fucker hurt me bad so I let loose all hell, knowing that if I hadn’t paralyzed him he’d be writhing in agony.

And then I realize that he’d barely even tortured me.  His torture had been so much worse, and for so much longer, and now I know why he’s so cold and arrogant.  Fuck him.  Fuck him for being hurt and then turning it around on others, even if he went easier on them than he could have.  Than the other leaders would have.  

I stop drinking just when he is almost to the limit, I stop right when he has just enough blood flowing through his veins to keep him breathing.  God that was amazing blood, I’m already fully healed.  Aidan crumples into my arms and I just hold him for a while.  I know the suns still up so there’s nothing else for me to do.  

I’m glad I drained him as much as I did; otherwise he would have lifted his wings off of me as soon as my teeth had left him.  The venom doesn’t last long in angels, he’s barely even paralyzed anymore, and I can already feel his body naturally pumping fresh blood into him.  I hope the sun goes down soon, otherwise I’m going to have to bite him again to keep him still, and I don’t know if he could survive that right now.
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